Welcome to amiamo

Elaborate handicap-oriented clothing

Clothing for handicaped people? Is this necessary? We think yes, it is! We want you to feel comfortable, we want you to wear clothing with perfect fit and that the clothing-daily-routine is not a nightmare! 

Wheelchair user or walker, child or adult: if you have difficulties to wear ready-made clothing, you have come to the right place! We take time for you to develop together a clothing solution suitable for your handicap.

Let yourself be inspired by our products- for us it is important that you feel comfortable and dress as indepently as possible.

Amiamo is recognized as a non-profit organization. Thanks to financial support from patrons and members, our prices are below the customary level of tailor-made products.

The price of an amiamo made-to-measure garment may not be as high as you think.

Get in touch with us - true to the motto "Who doesn't ask, doesn't win"