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Anelli Cattelan 


Management: Anneli Cattelan

I am very pleased to be able to help others through amiamo. I am constantly developing new ideas or improving existing ones. The inputs made by customers are an important factor in the development of new textiles. I will consistently remain on this journey of helping people with disabilities, as the journey is the reward.

About me:

Marriew with two children (1997 and 2001). The older son has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

2004 Management Contact Group Duchenne northeastern Switzerland of the Swiss Muscle Association

Development of Guideline “Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy-what now?” 2013 Co-author of homepage

2013-2014 Initiator of disability cards for children and young people (succesfully introduced in 05/2015)

2013 Founding and accompaniement of Electric weelchair Hockey Team Red Eagle Basel (

In my freetime I like to do sports, dance and go for walks with dogs.


Rahel Motschi


After completing my education as a clothing designer I tried to find a different approach to working with the exciting Haut-Couture

Typical clothing is designed for pedestrians, whereas the work at amiamo means that we try to come up with new ideas and rethink cuts. The majority of the clientele are weelchair users. This makes our work so exciting and diversified.

I’m the singer of the band "How to Paint a Wall" (2nd place Emergenza Switzerland 2015) and like to play handball in my freetime.


Der Vorstand

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Sven Cattelan       Martina Liechti        Stephan Naef

The association

The non-profit association "amiamo" aims to promote the self-determination and self-respect of the handicapped and their relatives by seeking to improve the life situation of these people. The association achieves this purpose, among other things, by the production and distribution of clothing which is tailored to the specific needs of people with disabilities and which strengthens them in their positive self-image and body feeling.

amiamo literally means "we love". Our association is a symbol of ease, well-being, warmth, joy of living and comfort. We focus on people with their needs. We take our time for our concerns and find suitable solutions.

The production of custom-made clothing takes place in Switzerland in cooperation with apprentices at fair prices. An association membership for the order of amiamo clothing is not required. But of course we are looking forward to every new registration.